You deserve to be taken ​​​
seriously at work
Climbing the ladder in the world of work can be tough to navigate.​​​​​​​

Whether you’re in a corporate environment, or embarking on your own business venture - you’re hungry, eager to prove your worth and you step up your game every single day.

But every time you bring a new idea to the table, pitch an investor, or advocate for yourself, you’re met with awkward glances, furrowed eyebrows and paralyzing doubt. People look at you and say, “Why are you telling me this?”, “Aren’t you a little young?” or “Who’s your boss?”​
As a millennial, you do not identify with the news reports that label you as overly entitled and living in your parent’s basement. That’s definitely not you.
  • You’re frustrated. Any time you speak up in team meetings, you get walked all over.​​​​​

  • If you just had the opportunity to test your ideas, you’re confident they would be successful.

  • You’re expending tons of energy trying to get noticed and you don’t understand why no one’s taking you seriously.

  • You lead projects that are profitable for your company, but it hasn’t afforded you any credibility. You have to prove yourself over and over.

  • You’re familiar with the grating feeling inside when a colleague steamrolls you at work. And you’re over it.
The partners, executives and investors you aspire to be, all managed to advance their careers - so how did they pull it off? You have to know a better way to get people to take you seriously if you want to make 7-figures a year by the time you’re 30.
  • Imagine that you could nail your first impressions so you always come off as professional, dynamic and impressive.

  • Imagine that you could read the cues of the person you’re negotiating with, so you know exactly what move to make next.

  • Imagine that you could deliver a presentation with conviction and ensure that everybody in the room took you seriously.

  • Imagine that you could step into a salary negotiation with confidence and walk away with the amount of money you deserve.

  • Imagine that you could pitch your startup idea to investors successfully and get the high valuation you know your company is worth.
Imagine that you could read people’s minds.
The People Reading Playbook is the next best thing.


This comprehensive guide will teach you how to strategically play your position as a professional and how to accurately read the plays of the people around you. When you can read the body language of others, you put yourself one step ahead in any business negotiation.

The People Reading Playbook teaches you how to win in the game of business. Don’t pass up the opportunity to guarantee that next time, you’ll play the winning hand.  

Learn the essential, practical tactics that no one else is talking about. Bring these strategies into the conference room TOMORROW and start getting the credit and money you deserve at work.
The most successful CEO’s, inspirational changemakers, and leaders of industry all have one thing in common. They have the self awareness, and the social and emotional intelligence to persuade others to make deals that benefit their bottom line.

The People Reading Playbook teaches you science-backed strategies that allow you to identify and respond in time to body language cues you’ve been missing. When you master the skills laid out in this guide, you will find success in the boardroom and beyond.

The People Reading Playbook is delivered to you in…
  • 8 quick videos that help you read positive and negative cues in a negotiation, so you can adjust your reaction in real time.​​​

  • Simple strategies that teach you to read the plays of others and switch from offense to defense seamlessly, so that your opponent has to come to you.

  • A comprehensive guide that outlines the tactics you can use at your next meeting to get ahead.

  • Everything inside this playbook is rooted in science - if it’s not backed up by research, you won’t find it here. So rest assured, it’ll help you get the recognition you desire.
I spent nearly 18 years at the top levels of corporate operations,  I’ve run a tech startup and managed brick and mortar storefronts. I’ve seen the need for and applied these strategies across every level of business operations. Every single one of the exercises in the playbook are proven strategies that have been tested throughout my 2 decades of experience in the corporate world, coaching business leaders.

These tactics change your game. They put you miles ahead of your competition as soon as you implement them.

  • Your colleagues will start paying attention to what you have to say because you won’t give them another option.​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Make sure that when you stand up to the plate and pitch your business idea, you’re only throwing strikes.

  • You’ll be able to confidently stand up in front of potential investors and impress them right away.

  • Open doors by turning negative responses into positive ones. Never take no for an answer again.

  • Be the first pick from the lineup anytime your company needs to get something done right.

  • Earn your worth by learning specific, proven tactics to handle any salary negotiation like a boss.

  • Knock your first impressions out of the park, every single time.
Don’t relegate yourself to the bench!
Make yourself a starter at your company RIGHT NOW.
Register for The People Reading Playbook today and gain the power to step up your game and get the respect you deserve.